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Let Custom Label help you design a Cover-up Label
Mistakes happen. Do you need to cover-up an area of your package to hide incorrect information?  Our packaging experts can give you several options for covering up your problem without sacrificing the product's image.  The goal of your cover up label is to hide copy or graphics.  Custom Label has several ways to accomplish your goal:

Block-Out Printing
An opaque barrier coating is printed to the underside of the facestock.  This coating gives the label blockout properties, while still allowing the facestock to maintain a bright and printable appearance. 

Opaque Film Facestocks
Several materials we utilize are inherently opaque with built-in blockout properties.  Our label experts can help you choose the best opaque facestock for your cover-up needs!

Metallized Materials
Matellization increases the opacity of the facestock.  We have both paper and film stocks with metallization that can be used for cover-up or correction labels.

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