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Cover Up Labels
Mistakes happen. Do you need to cover-up an area of your package to hide incorrect information? Our packaging experts can give you several options for covering up your problem without sacrificing the product's image.

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Our Magnets attract attention to your message. Help your customers get organized. They can have all of your company contact information right where they need it: on a refrigerator, file cabinet, or any other metal surface.

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Static Cling Labels
Static Cling labels are gaining popularity. They are made from highly plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC material has great flexibility and pliability. The vinyl is so flexible that when removed from the release liner and applied to smooth surface such as glass, it becomes a flat suction cup. Static Cling vinyl clings to most polished, smooth surfaces without the need for adhesive.

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Tags and Tickets
Custom Label manufactures a large assortment of printed tags and tickets. We can print on both sides of the tag, with up to 10 printed colors. Die sizes and shapes are only limited to your imagination. Perforations can be integrated into your cutting die to allow tear-away separation.

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