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Do you really need an EXPERT to print your Coffee and Tea Labels?

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Yes!  Coffee and Tea Bags are a demanding home for a label.  Why? 

  • Coffee bags are filled with irregularly shaped materials that shift in the bag.  This leads to an uneven bag surface, that can lead to adhesion issues and label scuffing.
  • Coffee and Tea products are dense materials, with a significant amount of weight in a small bag.  This leads to a concentrated amount of pressure on your label location.
  • Bags are often shipped tightly packed with no separation between bags.  Care must be taken to choose the correct materials and coating or lamination to survive the shipping and storage cycle.
What makes Custom Label a Coffee Label Specialist?

We have been around the block - and we understand your coffee packages! 

Adhesive Selection - We can help you pick the best adhesive for your bumpy or uneven bag surface

Label Finish - Every coffee bag is trying to convey a different message.  Traditional, Old World, Trendy, Fresh - what's your bag trying to say?  Custom Label can help you pick the best base material and varnish or lamination to get your message across!

Scuff Resistance - Coffee bags, particularly Whole Bean products, can be very tough on a label.  We will hold your hand and help you design a varnish or lamination to make sure your label looks as good on the shelf as it did before it left our plant. 

Re-Sealable Closure Labels - Custom Label can help you develop a seal and re-seal label for your consumer packaging.  The longer your coffee remains fresh, the more likely it is that your customers will buy it again!  Our tab-style re-sealable labels are a nice value-added feature.


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 Give us a call - Take advantage of our Coffee and Tea Knowledge

  • Experience - We have printed more than 700 different coffee and tea labels!  We have a laundry list of Global Coffee Brands who chose us as their supplier.  We have helped household names solve their packaging and label problems, and you get to benefit from that knowledge.
  • High-Quality - Custom Label operates our company with our ISO 9001-2008 registered quality management system.  Our printing quality is fantastic, and all of our other business systems are held to the same high standard.
  • Cost Effective for small runs and many versions - For smaller quantities or projects with a large number of sku's, take advantage of our digital label process. We print using an HP Indigo press with state-of-the-art finishing systems.  No plates, no setup, and minimal change-over costs equates to a low cost label to you on small runs. 
  • Long Runs for best pricing - Our flexography (flexo) presses can lower your pricing on larger print runs.  As your company grows we will help with lower pricing on long runs.  All digital pre-press and platemaking gives you excellent print quality and low unit cost! 

Let Us Grow with You
The greatest advantage of partnering with Custom Label is that we can grow right along with your business or product line. For lower quantities start out with digital printing to keep costs low. As your demand grows, we can seamlessly transition from digital four-color printing to our UV Flexogrpahy press offering up to ten colors. Our pre-press department has fingerprinted our presses to make your transistion seemless.

What Makes Custom Label Different?
With nearly 30 years in the business, Custom Label offers a complete array of products, capabilities, and expertise to meet your specific packaging and labeling needs. Custom Label will work with you from conception to completion. We will ensure the materials chosen will not only help you market and sell more of your product, but also stand up to the ever changing conditions of your product's life-cycle.

Give one of our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable customer service representatives a call to talk through your specific needs today!

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