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Although our name is Custom Label, our focus is on your packaging. Here are some areas, beyond labeling, where Custom Label's experience and expertise can make the difference:

Shrink Sleeves
Shrink sleeves are labels applied to a container, then shrunk with heat to conform tightly. Tamper evident bands are a simple type of shrink sleeve - used to protect package integrity. Shrink sleeves can also be used for bundling and combo-packs, popular for club packages. Full body shrink provides a durable primary decoration for the container and allows for creative designer shapes. Shrink Sleeves are one of the fastest growing choices for primary decoration of retail packages. Custom Label can print on a variety of shrink materials with our digital press - perfect for trial runs and small quantities.

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Flexible Packaging and Pouches
Printed Pouches continue to grow in popularity and innovation. Historically wide web printing methods like rotogravure and wide web flexo have dominated this market. Recently, however, strides in quality and equipment efficiency have opened the door for narrow web printing. At Custom Label, we can print on a wide variety of laminated films and papers for your flexible and pouch printing needs. Give us a call today to discuss the best materials to meet your needs for barrier properties and sealing strength!

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Folding Cartons
In 1897 the National Biscuit Company (soon to be known as "Nabisco") began using a unique paperboard box for their Uneeda Biscuits. Competitors soon abandoned their tins and wood boxes in favor of the less expensive "printed cardboard". 100 years later, the folding carton is the most common form of "secondary" packaging on retail shelves. Folding cartons are shaped well for distribution and storage, have huge shelf impact, and provide superior product protection.

Custom Label can print economical short-run Folding Cartons with our digital offset web press - printing up to 18 pt SBS (solid bleached sulfate). For board room samples, sales samples, test markets, or focus group studies we can provide a "commercial" folding carton for a fraction of the price - No Plate Charges, No Setup, and No Minimums.

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