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Creating labels for the medical and health care market is a very specialized business. Custom Label understands how important it is that labeling medical and health care products not only be eye-catching, labels must also contain all the information a consumer needs printed in a legible manner.  In addition, the materials used must be chosen carefully based on the product, packaging, and how it will be used.

At Custom Label, our Quality Management System was developed specifically to serve the following industries:

  • Over-the Counter (OTC) medications - Regulated by the FDA, labeling for these OTC products must contain all the required regulatory information as well as your branding and message that will draw customers to your product on a shelf that is full of alternatives. Custom Label has the experience designing label solutions for a wide variety of bottle shapes, sizes, and types that will make your brand stand out from the rest. If you are looking for cGMP labels or a cGMP compliant label call us!
  • Nutraceuticals - This new category of products, which can be anything from vitamins to beauty enhancement products, is basically food that acts as medicine. More than ever before, consumers want to know what they are buying and they are reading labels much more often. So, while clear recognizable-branding is important to get your product in the consumer's hand, it is just as important to provide all the information consumers want to know about what the product will do for them in an attractive label they will want to read.
  • Medical Cannabis - Cannabis law progression has opened the door for many manufacturers and distributors of medical marijuana.  Contact a project planner to discuss the best packaging for your cannabis products.  We have produced labels for baggies, jars, vials, cannabis cookies, and other food products.  Our digital printing process can help a small to medium sized dispensary offer professional looking marijuana packaging.
  • Vitamins and Supplements - How many times have you stood in front of a shelf full of vitamins and supplements that all look basically the same? Branding and unique labeling are what will draw the consumer to your product.
  • Medical Devices - Consumable medical devices are usually in high-volume use by healthcare workers in fast-paced traumatic situations. Medical device labeling must allow for quick identification with little chance of error and at the same time be cost effective.
  • Diagnostic Equipment - Diagnostic equipment has specific safety and hazard related labeling requirements. In addition, you need labeling that will stand up to all possible environmental and chemical exposures.
  • Biomedical and Biotech - There are stringent regulations for biomedical and biotech labeling. Biomedical waste is the most strictly regulated, requiring cradel-to-grave identification of all types of containers, inlcuding reusable containers and containers with irregular surfaces.
  • Homeopathic remedies - Also regulated by the FDA, these labels must contain not only special codes but a full list of the products ingredients. Custom Label has the experience designing labels that for a wide variety of bottle shapes, sizes, and types that will make your brand stand out from the rest.
Together, we can define your special medical and health-related labeling needs. We can chose just the right solution for your product. Here are some examples:
  • All-film label materials to reduce contamination
  • Digital Printing for high quality, fine-type
  • Low memory materials for tight mandrel wrap on small bottles, vials, and tubes
  • Specialty adhesives developed for pharmaceutical label use
  • Variable-image barcode and numbering for lot control and label reconciliation

It's All About Control

The Custom Label staff understands the needs of regulated medical and health care industry. Our Quality Management System was developed to provide the process control and detailed documentation required by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. We provide secure cradel to grave traceability of all our manufacturing materials and project tracking.

Custom Label is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a cGMP compliant manufacturer. Our manufacturing process starts with documented performance standards, and includes training of key management and technical staff, auditing of performance, and reinforcement of findings on a repetitive basis.

Our manufacturing facility is completely secure with 24 hours video surveillance from eight monitored areas.  We maintain a secure server in a locked and controlled room to protect your digital assets. We use a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for all your artwork and specification transfers.

What Makes Custom Label Different?

With nearly 30 years in the business, Custom Label offers a complete array of products, capabilities, and expertise to meet your specific packaging and labeling needs. Custom Label will work with you from conception to completion. We will ensure the materials chosen will not only help you market and sell more of your product, but also stand up to the ever changing conditions of your product's life-cycle.

Give one of our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable customer service representatives a call to talk through your specific needs today!

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