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Advertising and Promotional
Together, we can help you design your next marketing promotion program. Custom Label has any number of solutions to drive sales volume, increase usage, or encourage customers to switch to your brand. We'll create a promotion that fits your brand strategy.

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Cosmetic and Personal Care
Custom Label can create packaging that makes consumers want to touch, hold, and use your product. Luxurious packaging attracts attention. Custom Label can help you develop a package that conveys Comfort, Bliss, and Satisfaction.

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Food and Beverage
Custom Label can help your package stand up and be noticed. Your label needs to tell the consumer why they should by your product over another, how to use your product, and most importantly give all the vital details the consumer needs to know. More than ever before consumers want to be informed before they buy.

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Household Products
With all the other choices out there, you want your customers to be able to easily locate and choose your product from among all the other similar products on the shelf. Our marketing department stays up to date on the latest trends and technologies to give your package the edge it needs to stand out from the rest.

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Medical and Healthcare
Creating labels for the medical and health care market is a very specialized business. Custom Label understands how important it is that labeling medical and health care products not only be eye-catching, labels must also contain all the information a consumer needs printed in a legible manner.

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Private Labeling
Marketing is the secret for a private label business.  Product differentiation is critical - how can you make your brand stand out?  Call Custom Label - we can help your product gain consumer attention and jump off the shelf. 

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Contract Packaging
Custom Label has been partnering with Contract Manufacturers for nearly 30 years. We work together with you to design simple but robust packaging programs that match your client's objectives.

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